Wild Blue Yonder

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. In addition to thanking and honoring those who have served, I like to take the day to reflect on my own service in the Air Force and what it means to me.

I can't believe it's been five years since I was on active duty. I served four years in the Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer. Even though it feels like a millions years ago, my time in the service still heavily influences me to this day.

My writing is infused with my experiences. Snippets of military culture, mannerisms, and more make their way into my characters and scenes. I am proud of the service I gave to my country. There are parts of me that are nostalgic for that time. By weaving those threads into my tales, I feel like I not only get to keep that chapter of my life alive, but I get to share something precious to me with others.

Many of the people I met in the military could be characters that walk right off the page.* Many of the stories I have from my time in the military sound like they could be straight out of a novel. Reality can be just as wild, if not sometimes more so, than the farthest reaching space opera.

I hope you enjoy the weekend. If you've served, thank you for your service. And if you've supported someone who's served, I'd like to thank you too. Being in the military can be tough and having a support system is crucial. I also know that supporting someone in the military can be difficult in its own ways. So thank you! Reach out to me, I'd love to hear your stories.

*I would never create a character that is an exact approximation of a real-life person. In my works of fiction, any names, characters, places, and events are either products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coicidental.