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About the Author

Sara Crocoll Smith (she/her) is the author of the ghostly gothic horror series Hopeful Horror. She’s also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Love Letters to Poe, a haven to celebrate the works of Edgar Allan Poe and encourage the creation of gothic fiction tapped from the vein of Poe.

Sara enjoys exploring the depths of the human psyche in her fiction. She’s drawn to horror that serves as a catharsis, facing and overcoming the Big Bad. She experiments with horror that is not confined to darkness, and you can often find sunlight and nature in her rich, atmospheric works.

When she writes, she’s often accompanied by her cranky, old Pomeranian curled at her feet. Sara spends her free time with her husband and son.

Sara at the Museum of Death in New Orleans, Louisiana
Love Letters to Poe
Sara Crocoll Smith
Sara at Poe Fest 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland