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The Haunting of Willow Creek

🌿 A Hopeful Horror Novel 🌿

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Take from the Weeping Willow, and the Weeping Willow will take from you…

Sneak Preview Cover for The Haunting of Willow Creek

When Birdie arrives at Willow Creek Mansion for an artist’s residency, she believes the grant could finally unlock her dream of a photography career. Yet she soon senses something sinister lurks on the southern grounds. 

Fifty years ago, the contemptible benefactress disappeared, leaving behind her blood-stained will. The only instructions? Five artists of different disciplines must create works inspired by the eponymous willows of the area. 

Is Birdie willing to pay the ultimate price for her passion? 

Whispering willows… ghoulish paintings… slithering roots…

The foundation of Willow Creek is not at rest. As Birdie rushes to discover what’s buried beneath, she’ll be forced to trust what she cannot see and fight for more than her life.

The Haunting of Willow Creek is expected to publish later this year. Stay up to date on the latest by joining Sara’s newsletter and getting a free copy of “The Strangle of Ivy.”